T2-28, 3 Player Blackjack

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T2-28, 3 Player Blackjack by Cadillac Jack

3 Player Blackjack by Cadillac Jack; non working project game - stickers on board marked BJ3-5 CBC-8L1.44-D(1A82)  (c) Cadillac Jack Inc 1999 / BJ3-5 CBC-8L1.44-D(AC62)   (c) Cadillac Jack Inc 1999 / CB5CADILJACK1.51-A -020for CBC($5685) / CB5CADILJACK1.51-K -040for CBC($82CC) / CBC-8L CAD2.3for CBC-8L; when powered up 1 green led comes on on middle PLY-I/O board and monitor has white screen flicker and marque lights up but nothing else happens; dimensions 49"w x 49"d x 75"h and 426lbs - video shows marque light, monitor flicker and green led

Link to video https://youtu.be/DmvNIdTnr4w

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Updated 08/15/16